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We love to Shoot Video!
Be a part of our new "What's in that Hangar?" video series!
If you have a Hangar in the Dallas/Fort Worth or surrounding areas, and have a cool Airplane or Airplanes you would like show off, please contact us with your location, facility and airplane(s) information. You may be selected for us come out and do a full video of your hangar! (it's free...)
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We also shoot custom Aviation related video as well!
Videos are the "Gift that keeps on Giving", showing a complete history of your efforts through online media, such as YouTube or your own website.
We invite individuals, groups and/or businesses to allow us to come out and create a custom video for you.
FunPlacesToFly.com is owned and operated by OpenAirNet Inc., an organization dedicated to general aviation in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.
Our Goal is to build our YouTube Channel, where we hope to provide the best in Aviation related videos. We welcome opportunities to shoot video of Aviation related content without cost to individuals, groups and/or businesses. All videos recorded by FunPlacesToFly.com are shown our our YouTube channel, but you are free to embed any video we shoot on your website or any other media you choose.
Where? We are currently doing our video production in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but can venture out to other parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana if necessary.
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AirVenture - Thats All, Brother - The C-47 that led the D-Day invasion - FunPlacesToFly.com

The C-47 that led 500 other aircraft, carrying over 13,000 paratroopers on D-Day in 1944. See the interior, including the cockpit, of this famous transport aircraft. The Commemorative Air Force.
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Mid America Flight Museum, Mt Pleasant, Texas - FunPlacesToFly.com

We had a great time visiting the Mid America Flight Museum in Mt Pleasant, Texas. There are a lot of beautiful Aviation museums across the country that have their own particular mission. Mid America Flight Museum is based in Mt. Pleasant Texas (KOSA). Their museum differentiates itself from many other museums in that the great majority of the airplanes in the museum fly on a regular bases, and that ongoing projects are being restored to fly! Check out there website: http://www.midamericaflightmuseum.org/
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The My Airplane Series: Garry Ackerman' s Stinson SR-7 - FunPlacesToFly.com

This is the first installment of the new My Airplane Series. Listen and watch while Garry Ackerman talks about his new acquisition, the Stinson SR-7. See a full walk-around, instrument panel review and engine start-up. Congratulations to Garry!
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Cessna 172 Crosswind Landing - 25 mph Gusts - Stratus ADS-B View - FunPlacesToFly.com

On this particular day, we had an extreme crosswind,straight across the runway with winds gusting at 25 mph. I asked my instructor, who has over 5,000 hours of flight time, to take us up for this video. We have and ADS-B setup using ForeFlight Stratus II for displaying traffic.
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Flight to Lancaster Airport and The Taxiway Cafe - FunPlacesToFly.com

Join us as visit The Taxiway Cafe at the Lancaster Airport in Lancaster, Texas. We flew out of McKinney National Airport, flying over Mesquite and then direct to Lancaster. The Taxiway Cafe has some of the best food around. Be sure and give them a visit. You won't be sorry!
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ForeFlight Stratus 2 Demo on a Extreme Crosswind Day - FunPlacesToFly.com

After several weeks of bad weather, we took the opportunity to go up and try out our new ADS-B Transceiver. We also purchased the Stratus 2 ADS-B Receiver for our iPad. This ADS-B Transceiver also has WiFi for the WingX Pro7 app, which we haven't tried out yet, but it does give the copilot and passengers the option to use either the ForeFlight app or the Wingx app. On this particular day, we had an extreme crosswind,straight across the runway at 17 mph, gusting to 23 mph. I asked my instructor, who has over 5,000 hours of flight time, to take us up for this video.
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Video - Dallas/Fort Worth Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in Lancaster, Texas - FunPlacesToFly.com

In this video we visited the Dallas/Fort Worth Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in Lancaster, Texas. We had a special opportunity to watch the members of this Wing as they worked on their WWII Aircraft. At this particular meeting, Adam Smith, Exec. Vice President of Strategic Development for the CAF Headquarters was their special guest, speaking about the CAF Headquarters moving to the Dallas Executive Airport in Dallas, Texas. If you have a chance, this is a great tour of Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft, plus they offer rides for the general public for a nominal fee.
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All about the Garmin GTX 327 - Review and Walk-through - FunPlacesToFly.com

General Aviation Product Reviews, How to's, and Maintenance Tips. Arispe Aviation of AirspeedAttitude.com brings you the hard to find video advice on your aircraft from the latest and greatest products and news too the maintenance items every aircraft owner should do themselves.
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Cavanaugh Flight Museum Fly Days and Car Show - FunPlacesToFly.com

The Fly Days and Car Show is a festival featuring Cavanaugh's famed collection of vintage aircraft and military vehicles. There was a Sherman tank demonstration and many aircraft tours. Also at the show were the finest array of muscle cars in the DFW area.The event also hosted a gathering P-40 Warhawks.
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This is Why I Love to FLY! GoPro! - FunPlacesToFly.com

An evening flight in our Cessna 172 that is equipped with a full Horton STOL kit. We flew out to Caddo Mills Airport in Texas and did some touch and go's. We had 3 GoPro Hero3+'s shooting the footage.
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