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What's in that Hangar?
Be a part of our new video series!
If you have a Hangar in the Dallas/Fort Worth or surrounding areas, and have a cool Airplane or Airplanes you would like show off, please contact us with your location, facility and airplane(s) information. You may be selected for us come out and do a full video of your hangar! (it's free...)
Click HERE to contact us!
We also shoot custom Aviation related video as well!
Videos are the "Gift that keeps on Giving", showing a complete history of your efforts through online media, such as YouTube or your own website.
We invite individuals, groups and/or businesses to allow us to come out and create a custom video for you.
FunPlacesToFly.com is owned and operated by OpenAirNet Aviation Media, an organization dedicated to general aviation in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.
Our Goal is to build our YouTube Channel, where we hope to provide the best in Aviation related videos. We welcome opportunities to shoot video of Aviation related content without cost to individuals, groups and/or businesses. All videos recorded are shown our our YouTube Channel, but you are free to embed any video we shoot on your website or any other media you choose.
Where? We are currently doing our video production in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but can venture out to other parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana if necessary. Click HERE to contact us!

What's in that Hangar? Tom Ferraros 1938 Stinson SR 10J - Flown by Jimmy Doolittle - OpenAirNet Aviation Media

Check out this totally restored 1938 Stinson SR 10J, flown by Jimmy Doolittle. The owner, Tom Ferraro tells us all about this historic aircraft. ** Visit our Website! http://OpenAirNet.com/

What's in that Hangar? Bob's 2 General Aviation and Experimental Aircraft - OpenAirNet Aviation Media

In this episode, Bob Rogers takes us inside his hangar to see his General Aviation and Experimental Aircraft.

What's in that Hangar? See Pat's Beautiful Experimental Airplanes! - OpenAirNet Aviation Media

Welcome to our Series on "What's in that Hangar?"! In this episode, Pat Long takes us inside his hangar to see two of his Experimental Aircraft Creations.

We at OpenAirNet Inc, do video production in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for FunPlacesToFly.com, but can venture out to other parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana if need be. Click HERE to contact us for more information!