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Rod Machado. The man who has taught so many to fly. Making learning to fly Easier, more Affordable and Fun for Everyone!
Rod is a professional speaker who travels across the United States and Europe delighting his listeners with upbeat and lively presentations. He speaks on both aviation and non-aviation topics, including risk assessment, IFR charts, aviation weather, in-flight emergencies, and safety awareness. Flying is one of the greatest things you can do in life. Check out these great Flight Training tools!
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Rod Machado Free Flight Training Syllabus
FREE Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus for Instructors and Students
Rod Machado offers you his FREE Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus. It is completely FREE (so is the Ground School Flight Training Syllabus, too). Simply add the syllabus to your cart and head to checkout (add the ground school syllabus to your cart, too). Complete the checkout information and you'll see a link for the download on the checkout page. You'll also receive a download link via email. Click HERE to Learn More!
Rod Machado Flight Instruction Video and Courses
Rod Machado's 40-hour Private Pilot eLearning Ground School
Thinking about learning to fly? Do you want to fly for a living? Would you like to refresh your knowledge for your flight review? If so, then the place to start is with Rod Machado's new 40-hour+ private pilot eLearning ground school. This eLearning course prepares you to take the private pilot knowledge exam and provides the foundation of knowledge needed to make your flight training a more enjoyable experience.
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Rod Machado Flight Instruction Video and Courses
Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot eGround School
The breadth and depth of Rod's Instrument Pilot eGround School is incredible. It provides everything you'll need to understand critical IFR concepts at a deeper level, whether you're a student just starting to work on your rating or an experienced instrument pilot looking to brush up. It really is the ultimate IFR knowledge library. It includes:

  • 26 complete online courses
  • 686 short video lessons
  • 50+ hours of focused training
  • 151 quizzes
  • 3 practice exams
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Rod Machado Flight Instruction Video and Courses
The Art of Takeoffs and Landings eCourse
Rod Machado's NEW "The Art of Takeoffs and Landings" interactive eCourse is now available. If you'd like to increase your proficiency at takeoffs and landings, this 7.75 hour eLearning course is the place to start. Filled with the tips and techniques Rod has acquired over four-and-a-half decades of flight instruction, this course is sure to help increase your takeoff and landing skills. Highly animated and full of real-life examples, you'll find every course module educational, provocative and enjoyable.
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Rod Machado Flight Instruction Video and Courses
Ready to get Started?
You can become a pilot and learn to fly with Rod Machado. He has taught millions of people how airplanes fly using his renown Laugh & Learn training techniques!
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