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My RV! Some Basic Tools to Build a Van's Aircraft RV-9A
Created by VansAircraftBuilders.com
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Here are some of the tools and accessories I used to build my RV-9A.

Click HERE to see the Video on YouTube

TOOLS to Build any of Van's RVs


3X Rivet Gun

1 Inch Rivet Set Kit - 5-Pieces

Cupped Rivet Sets

Tungsten Bucking Bars 1 Tungsten Bucking Bars 2

Pnuematic Drill

Pnuematic Angle Drill

Pneumatic Tool Oil

Microstop Countersink Cage with Cutters

Cobalt #40 Drill Bits 6-Pk

Cobalt #30 Drill Bits 6-Pk

Cobalt #19 Drill Bits 6-Pk

Cobalt #10 Drill Bits 6-Pk

Cobalt #21 Drill Bits 6-Pk

Cobalt #28 Drill Bits 6-Pk

#40 x 12" Cobalt Drill Bit

#30 x 12" Cobalt Drill Bit

Cordless Screwdriver

Deburring Kit

3M Wet or dry Sandpaper, 9-Inch by 11-Inch, 320 Grit, 5-Sheet

Cleco Pliers

3/32" Standard Cleco Fasteners (Set of 100)

1/8" Standard Cleco Fasteners (Set of 50)

5/32" Standard Cleco Fasteners (Set of 100)

3/16" Standard Cleco Fasteners (Set of 25)

No Mar Drill Stop 5 Piece Sets: #40, 30, 21, 10 & 1/4

1/2" Heavy Duty Side Grip Cleco Fasteners Set of 5

Wide Heavy Duty Side Grip Cleco Fasteners Set of 5

Aviation Snips Set - Left and Right

Vise Grip Dimpler 3/32

Hand Pop Riveter

Hand Squeeze Riveting Kit

Rivet Squeezer Set Kit 20 pcs

Pnuematic Rivet Squeezer

Dead Blow Hammer

C Frame Dimpler

Deburring Files 3-Piece Set

Unibit 1/4 to 3/4

Fluting Pliers

Seaming Pliers


Standard Socket Set

24" Stainless Steel Ruler

In-Lb Torque Wrench

Safety Glasses

Tubing Bender

Hearing Protection

Blue Sharpies

The AeroElectric Connection

The Sportplane Builder

Sportplane Construction Techniques

Firewall Forward

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