Tuesday - Sunday, Jul 19-24, 2022

Flying Legends of Victory Tour 2022

Coeur d'Alene Aviation Maintenance (KCOE)
Hayden Lake, ID

Come tour and ride the B-17 'Sentimental Journey' B-25 'Maid in the Shade' at 'Coeur d'Alene Aviation Maintenance'. GROUND TOURS: Tue-Thu: 9a - 5p, Fri-Sun: 2p - 6p RIDES: Fri-Sun: 9a - 1p BOOK FLIGHTS: https://www.azcaf.org/location/coeur-d-alene-id-tour-stop/ Enjoy the weekend Airport Open House static displays explorer fights.

Contact: Brenda Tinius
Phone: 480-462-2992
Email: rides@azcaf.org
Website: https://www.azcaf.org/location/coeur-d-alene-id-tour-stop/

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