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Airspace Memory Aid - Rod Machado
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Here's a short video that presents a memory aid graphic that allows you to remember the VFR cloud clearance and visibility requirements for all types of airspace in which you might fly. It only takes about 10 minutes to memorize this graphic. Draw it on a piece of paper a few times and you'll have it down. You'll be an airspace master!

Check out Rod Machado's Understanding Airspace for all Pilots.

Rod Machado's course on Understanding Airspace for all Pilots is a fun filled course that helps all pilots better understand our present airspace system and a pilot's obligation when operating within it. This course is designed for anyone interested in passing their private, commercial or CFI knowledge or practical exam. It's also a valuable course for rusty pilots desiring to regain their currency. But this isn't just another course on airspace. It's a detailed, fun-filled course that provides explanations as to 'Why' the airspace exists the way it does. It's not enough to know the rules. It's also very important to know the reason behind them.

Click HERE to see the Original Video!

Rod Machado Flight Instruction Video and Courses
Flight Training with Rod Machado
Rod is a professional speaker who travels across the United States and Europe delighting his listeners with upbeat and lively presentations. He speaks on both aviation and non-aviation topics, including risk assessment, IFR charts, aviation weather, in-flight emergencies, and safety awareness. Click HERE to see all of his Flight Training aids!

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