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GoPro on a Pole - A View from a Higher Perspective - FunPlacesToFly.com
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Humans are naturally attracted to the unusual and the out of the ordinary when it comes to observing their surroundings in everyday life. This probably is due to our primitive instinct for survival. When something happens that is different from our daily routine, it catches our attention and forces us to focus on what's happening.
This attention and focus to the unusual can be a useful tool in photography and video. People just have to look when an event or object is presented in a way that is different from the way the human eye usually sees it.

For example, when a photographer takes a picture of a car from a straight on, eye level perspective, while it may be a good picture, it's not as interesting or as "eye-catching" as a shot from ground level or from a higher point. That is, from a point where the human eye is not normally positioned.

One can see this in movies and television shows, where videos are shot from a wide variety of positions and perspectives. A popular technique now is to film a group conversation, while moving the camera around in a circle behind them as they talk. This type of observation is not what the average person would do when watching people talk. So, we as the viewer are drawn in, intrigued by the movement and listening to every word.

I enjoy taking pictures and shooting video of airplanes and aviation related events. Knowing that people are drawn to the unusual, I always include different perspective and angle shots, along with the traditional "straight on" shots to include in my video presentations.

One of my favorite shots to make is the "from on high" view. While using a drone would be nice to get those higher perspective shots, they are usually frowned on by pilots, airports and especially the FAA, anywhere near airports. I have found that using a painters pole with a GoPro mounted on the end, gives me that cool shot that I'm looking for.

Here are some sample shots that I took, using my "GoPro on a Pole". Along with a little help from Adobe Premiere Elements software for zooming in, it can make an impressive shot.

Here's the setup:
A Painters Extension Pole,
a Painter's Pole Camera Adapter,
a Manfrotto Quick Release Camera Mount,
a GoPro Tripod Mount adapter,
A GoPro Frame camera holder,
and last but not least, the GoPro Hero4 Camera.

For Hands-Free operation, we use a Microphone Stand with a Standard Microphone clip to hold the pole in position, plus a Bungee Cord around the base of the Microphone Stand to keep the pole from falling over.

NOTE: Be sure and stay close to the stand, in case the wind blows it over. That could get expensive!.

- FunPlacesToFly.com

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